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On the guard of your moving

Moving is a stressful process. So many things are to be planned, arranged and foreseen. That’s why packing, and transportation services offered by Great Moving company are exactly what you need to make your moving a smooth process. We are professionals in this business and our experience proves that all your belongings will be safe and sound. To ensure you have nothing to worry about, we offer insurance that covers any emergencies within the transportation and moving.

No risks

Thanks to our vast experience and high qualification, we are known as experts in the field of moving and packing. As leaders, we do everything to protect you from any losses or damages by implementing an effective moving insurance policy. Our complex insurance services are developed to eliminate all risks you are exposed to during moving with your nerves and money saved.  By agreeing on moving insurance, you free yourself from any obsessive worries about your stuff. You`ll get compensation even for minor damages.

Your comfort is our priority

We care much of your comfort at a new apartment. Our task is to do our best so that you could have everything you need at your elbow at a new place. To keep all your things protected during long or short transportation, we pack and double wrap properly all the items. We handle all the things carefully protecting them from damage and applying additional reliable packing for fragile things. Then we talk to you to discuss all the nuances of the moving process as well as providing you with our price list. When everything is ready for moving, we offer you to sign an insurance certificate at a fair price. This is a guarantee against any losses or damages you might be concerned about. Our goal is to deliver your valuable belongings to a new home intact. In case of any emergency during loading or transportation, you’ll get a refund for any material damage or moral distress. 

Make it perfect

Don`t waste your time looking through the long list of moving companies. Great Moving offers you a wide range of services including packing, transportation, moving insurance storage, unpacking and locating all the things at a new place. High competence of our team, perfect services, and reasonable rates – all this is a recipe of successful moving. With different insurances offered, your moving arranged by our team is deemed to give you pure pleasure.