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Moving isn`t a very pleasant process that requires a lot of efforts and preparations. Many difficulties arise when you have some extra things to store somewhere for a while until you can take them to a new home. Great Moving is eager to provide you full competent support in moving and storage.

As a leading moving company, Great Moving offers various storage options at reasonable prices.  You can safely entrust your belongings to our specialists, we will store them safe and sound as long as needed. We understand that moving to another apartment is often connected with certain financial difficulties. Since moving requires a range of different expenses, it can turn out to be a real problem to afford everything at a time. To reduce your stress and help you find a way out, we offer reliable storage services at reasonable rates.

Total control

Many years’ experience in moving business together with high proficiency in our job allows us to state that you`ll enjoy the supreme standards of moving and storage services during our cooperation. Each stage of moving is under control of our skilled team. Your opinion and recommendations are important for us and we appreciate your active participation while agreeing on all details and prices. This done, put your belongings in our hands and you`ll be satisfied with the result! No matter how long you need your belongings to be stored, they`ll be kept safe and inviolate within the whole term. Our greatest pleasure is when the client is satisfied with what we do.

All for you

Your trust is important for us and we work studiously to justify it. Apart from arranging effective and safe transportation of your belongings, we do pay great attention to providing safe and reliable storage conditions. We employ only the best specialists who know how to handle your things properly and delicately. Our experienced guards keep a watchful eye on your things around the clock for you to find them perfectly safe with no damage or loss. Feel free to come and take either all things or just one away any time you wish. You can also engage in controlling the process via the barcode checklist and CCTV camera. We want you to enjoy all the advantages of easy moving and storage. Striving to grant you comfort and provide professional assistance, there is nothing impossible for us when it comes to moving!